Monday, December 8, 2008


We moved finally and I always get a little sad when we have to move out of a house, We have always have done all the work on are house's so I feel like it's a part of me, Yeah I know sappy right but I lived in one house my entire childhood and teenage years so for me to move every 1 to 2 years is really stressful.  So I posted this pic to just because I Love This House!!!

We have moved and into a little 3 bedroom apt... It been really hard for the boys and well for all of us.. It's cozy and the boys really don't have much room to play so all they have been doing is fighting....  And they are having a hard time sleeping on top of it all. Sorry about this sad sob story of a post but some times you just need to vent.
So if anyone has any idea's on keep myself sane or anything at all let me know..

On the brighter side we are unpacked and have christmas up!!!  And our new house has a basement and floor trusses on. And we are so excited for christmas this year, Andy's parents are taking everyone to West Edmonton Mall for 4 days and we are staying the fanatasy hotel, the boys are so excited to go swimming and everything else that they have to offer. And I'm excited for the Shopping that's right West Ed for boxing day, It's crazy but all you have to do is walk down stairs and shop.. 

So I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season!!