Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catch Up Time!!

I threw a party for my two little guys and my nephew.
So much fun, I know I'm boring right well Andy was working at our house STILL!! And I needed something to do so we had a party we played Uno, ( they were so funny.) popped poppers, eat tons, and of course movies..
So that was my 2010.

And this is the start of mine...............
I wish I was in my house but I guess I'll settle for the Domincan!! HAHA
Andy Needed a break so off we went, so crazy right. But we needed a break big time.
Our house is done and were moving in this Saturday... YAY
But all post pics of that later..

For now here is Punta Cana!!
If I could do my life all over again I would have gotten married right here.. other than that my life is peachy!!

My next Favorite thing is the Palm Trees.. ahhh I love Palm trees!!!
I would love to plant a palm tree in my back yard but good luck up here...
Maybe all move!!!!!

So we went to the Dominican last week, it's right next to Haiti...
We didn't feel anything and we didn't even know anything happened till the next morning..
And we only just found out that there was a tsunami warning after the earthquake for the whole Island.

You just never now what life has in store for you.
I'll I can say is I'm so glad were home Safe.

So that was just a little update till next time.. And then I will be doing this in my new House!!!!