Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mexico ...... I loved Mexico every minute of it, even when we were driving past men that were holding machine guns scary!!!! We went for Andy's brother's wedding in Culican a 2.5 hour drive from the safe haven of our resort in Mazatlan. That was a crazy day lost in Culican found a Wal-mart and trying to ask for directions to our hotel when no one spoke english!!! Yeah 4 hours later we were at the hotel and trying to enjoy ourselves before the wedding thank goodness it was a beautiful hotel next to a mall!!! But the wedding was a blast all tell you what those mexicans know how to partay, we danced till 1:30 with only a few people that spoke english! but it was sooo much fun I keep telling people i'm going back to mexico just to crash weddings!! 

And while this is happening my most favorite Sista ever is at my house with my two boys and her little Makenna that was teething. And I know she changed diapers all weekend and even try'd to potty train Blake, but wasn't that lucky!! But I'm so greatful for her and i know that she loves my boys and took the best care of them and I couldn't ask for anything more. So I love Rayanna she's the best sister I could ask for! I know that there wasn't enough souvenier's in Mexico to say thank you! Thank you Ray!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

   I love my boys!! there the best and the most naughty little boys! 

So i decided that I better write something. But it's intimidating looking at other blogers and what they have to say and I wonder what should I really write about? Or does it matter? My life is wonderful I'm spoiled like crazy, by my man of course and  I should be considering he's gone most of the time right!! well lately I've been pondering friendship, what is friendship? I've had friends come and go since high school and wonder why were not friends anymore I realize that we change but I would think there should still be that connection right? Or maybe we wern't friends at all if we can't get past the past discretions?