Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The First Snaring!!

So for all of you farm girl's you know that
 when you see a gopher and there's snow on the ground it means only one thing!!
And even if the ground hog saw his shadow or not, when you see one of these guys you know spring is coming!!

So last Saturday the weather was beautiful so I took the boys out to grandma and grandpa Reeder's farm...
And uncle Casey took Conner out to snare gophers and I was a little sceptical so we fallowed  and sure enough they caught not one but 2 gophers!! 

My boys just love to go to the farm and
 that day was probably the best so far!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baking Day!!!

MMM... Butter Horns!!

So today was my first baking day that I have had since we moved and  I went all out!!

Andy has been bugging me to make Butter Horns  since forever so I thought I would attempt  them and they actually turned out and there so dang YUMMY!!

Even he thinks so or at least he likes the icing!!!

So today has been a great day in my little kitchen and out of it!!
Not only did my baking get done but so did my roof on my house and tomorrow we'll have windows I'm so thrilled. 
It's about time!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Vegas Baby!! It was so much fun and so much to do. 
So we headed down to Vegas last week for the World of Concrete Show!!
It sounds like fun huh! Not really! But at least Andy was into it!! 
While we were there  we took in a few shows!! 
That's right we were in the price is right show in VEGAS!
So much fun it was pretty much the real thing except no Drew Carey.
No I didn't get called down but it was still a RIOT!!!! 
Sorry no pictures of the show but you missed out! We even had bright neon green shirts to wear. We went with a ton of other general contractors and employees from southwest concrete. So the shirts were there idea not mine. 
It's been so nice to get away but I so glad to be home even in this dinky Apartment.
And to my two sweet little men!!!


So this is my Blake! What a cutie huh!!! Even with the bruise..
So lately he has become a master Lego builder. And that's all he 
Thinks about
Dreams about
Talks about
And Wakes UP about
 In the MIDDLE Of The NIGHT!!!
That's right he goes to bed with his Lego guy and his yellow steering wheel!!!!
And so last night he woke up so distressed and sad,  I ran in there trying to calm him down
and I kept asking him what hurts! what hurts Blakey!
And the only response other than hiccuping crying  was

This is my Master Builder!!! 
He was so proud of this Lego boat he built I just had to get pictures
its not much but he worked for at least 1 hour on this!!!
I'm so glad he's a creative child and can play on his own sometimes!!

Oh and YES he is wearing boxers under that boat!!!!!