Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baseball and Soccer

Ya I know I'm seriously behind in blogging but this is an update on my boys sports this year or lack of..

This was Conner's l first year in Coach pitch and he loved it.. As you can see he didn't get a uniform this year but he still played like a star. 


Him and his team of all-stars.

What a stud Mc-Muffin!!

So this year in Soccer Andy sponsored Conner's team, and they were short on coaches so I got to be his coach..

All I can say is what a pain it was for the first game then after that we all had so much fun.

Yes and my shirt was like ten sizes to big haha!! And I think the kids thought I was a little crazy....

So this little dude is my Blake

He was so excited to be in soccer this year
and couldn't wait to go...

Well let's just say it all went down hill when he found the ladybug his first game, Yes and he had to show it to all the kids, so that was the end of that game. 
His second game he wouldn't even go on the field.
His third game well lets just say I happened to find his shirt stuffed in the linen closet so I asked him why it was there he said" I don't want to play soccer, it sucks!"

So that was the end of the soccer season for him for a long time..