Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun with friends and First Day of school!

Waterton was so dang nice when my good friend Tina and her boys
came with us, we had a blast. This pic so doesn't so us justice, jks.
Ice cream of course!! But I wish I got a better picture
Cause these cute little guys had ice cream all over there face's.
And It was blue bubble gum yummy yum!! 
At the lake cooling off, we were just waiting for them to fall in....
That log was not steady at all.
They caught snail's and leeches so not a good idea.. 

Conner's First Day at Grade 1..

He loves it!! Thank goodness cause I don't know If I could get up that
early to a cranky little boy that doesn't want to go.

He just had to pose!! What a stud...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Conner is 6....

Wow my little guy is SIX.. So crazy!!!!

So Conner wanted a Hot Wheels birthday cake for his birthday so I bought a cake pan and thought this was going to the simplest cake I ever made but lets just say that the cake had other ideas like not getting out of the pan...
So I improvised and this is what he got and he LOVED IT!!! 
Blake modeling the Army Cake.. 
On August 12 , 2003.. at 2:22 pm
my little Conner came into this world
It took him 14 hours, but he made it..
What a Cute kid!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Summer Stuff!!

So If U can't tell I got BRACES!! 
I know what a horrid Picture but I figure It only happens once so
take a picture and laugh about it later RIGHT!! 

So far we have had a fab Summer of Camping, Boating, and our HOUSE!!

Cardston Heritage Days Pet Show!! 
My boys took there Grandma Roe's or should I say Grandpa Roe's Poodle
 Molly the got 1st 2nd And two 3rd's.
There cousin Shaylee with her Hamster!! 
SO Cute....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baseball and Soccer

Ya I know I'm seriously behind in blogging but this is an update on my boys sports this year or lack of..

This was Conner's l first year in Coach pitch and he loved it.. As you can see he didn't get a uniform this year but he still played like a star. 


Him and his team of all-stars.

What a stud Mc-Muffin!!

So this year in Soccer Andy sponsored Conner's team, and they were short on coaches so I got to be his coach..

All I can say is what a pain it was for the first game then after that we all had so much fun.

Yes and my shirt was like ten sizes to big haha!! And I think the kids thought I was a little crazy....

So this little dude is my Blake

He was so excited to be in soccer this year
and couldn't wait to go...

Well let's just say it all went down hill when he found the ladybug his first game, Yes and he had to show it to all the kids, so that was the end of that game. 
His second game he wouldn't even go on the field.
His third game well lets just say I happened to find his shirt stuffed in the linen closet so I asked him why it was there he said" I don't want to play soccer, it sucks!"

So that was the end of the soccer season for him for a long time.. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Well it's been a month and a lot has happened...

Andy is as busy as ever and I saw him maybe a few hours a day if that, But things have calmed down a bit and we got to get away for the long weekend and we took the boys to calgary for a few nights and we did the water slides and took them to the science museum so much fun for all of us to be together and just play.. the boys loved it. 

Soccer and baseball started so mondays are crazy busy, And I get to coach Conner team this year WHAT WAS I THINKING... It's fun but it makes a long day even longer and I know nothing about Soccer. so it's FUN..

And it was my Birthday and holy moly Im @*.. That's the slang for 28. 
So I'm older and still feel young so I figure I'm good to go till I feel old right??? 

And yes we are moving again this week, Were headed to my in-laws for awhile which is awesome they AC.. And there was no way I was living in this apartment during the summer with out it. Call me a princess but how can you live with out it.  

So hopefully our next move is into our new house!!! Cross your fingers.

 So I also have a beef with people (I'm not naming names) I really think they should really think before they say anything.. They know it's rude, soo hurtful and it makes the person feel so useless and especially when it was on a big day for them, but yet they do it anyways. Just so they can be funny,and so they can be the center of attention... What the #@$!  So I'm mad and what can you do???.. Just grin and bear it?? What do you think I should have done?

Sorry about that last part but sometimes you just have to get it out... 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blake's Birthday #3

My little man is 3.. He is getting so big!!!

We had a fun day a Grandma and Grandpa Roe's house
with family.

This is him in his new Diego Car.. 
He loved it but he was wondering where is the GO .. or the gas. 

His Reeder uncle's gave him this and the first thing he said was"oh oh Ah Ah!" Silly Monkey

I think he got a little spoiled but what do ya do.. He's only 3 once, or so I told Andy!!

I made this so fun Lego cake for him and he thought it was the best thing ever!!! Cause he LOVES LEGO>

He was so dang cute when we started singing happy Birthday, He was suddenly shy!! Crazy Boy.

That was my weekend and it was a busy one at that. I'm still painting and wishing it was over but soon so very soon then to the spa a go......

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Side Job!!

That's right I have been so cooped  up lately that I  had  to get a job and get out of the apartment and I'm now a working mom.

It's nothing serious just a side job, I've been doing the prep work and painting on a house Andy built and as painful as it is I LOVE IT!
Even if by the end of the day I'm a mess and my finger's are bleeding( from caulking  all the baseboards and casing) I still really like it.

I must be strange Right??

Well to all you full time or part time working moms you ROCK!!
It's hard to have to go to work all day and come home and you still need to be a mom and a wife. But by the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished so much more and I feel like a better mom for doing it. Does that make any sense?

And that's my life for right now. Nothing exciting but just a nice change 
for the month of April!  
Just an update on our new house there's a roof , windows and all it needs now is shingles.
It's coming but not very fast. 
And if Andy wasn't so dang busy this year things might move faster.
 But we are just happy that there's work.
And that Spring is around the corner I HOPE!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go Girl!!!!

Well I just stumbled across this and think it's ingenious but a little different
It's called a FUD!

What do you think???

Go to this website

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The First Snaring!!

So for all of you farm girl's you know that
 when you see a gopher and there's snow on the ground it means only one thing!!
And even if the ground hog saw his shadow or not, when you see one of these guys you know spring is coming!!

So last Saturday the weather was beautiful so I took the boys out to grandma and grandpa Reeder's farm...
And uncle Casey took Conner out to snare gophers and I was a little sceptical so we fallowed  and sure enough they caught not one but 2 gophers!! 

My boys just love to go to the farm and
 that day was probably the best so far!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baking Day!!!

MMM... Butter Horns!!

So today was my first baking day that I have had since we moved and  I went all out!!

Andy has been bugging me to make Butter Horns  since forever so I thought I would attempt  them and they actually turned out and there so dang YUMMY!!

Even he thinks so or at least he likes the icing!!!

So today has been a great day in my little kitchen and out of it!!
Not only did my baking get done but so did my roof on my house and tomorrow we'll have windows I'm so thrilled. 
It's about time!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Vegas Baby!! It was so much fun and so much to do. 
So we headed down to Vegas last week for the World of Concrete Show!!
It sounds like fun huh! Not really! But at least Andy was into it!! 
While we were there  we took in a few shows!! 
That's right we were in the price is right show in VEGAS!
So much fun it was pretty much the real thing except no Drew Carey.
No I didn't get called down but it was still a RIOT!!!! 
Sorry no pictures of the show but you missed out! We even had bright neon green shirts to wear. We went with a ton of other general contractors and employees from southwest concrete. So the shirts were there idea not mine. 
It's been so nice to get away but I so glad to be home even in this dinky Apartment.
And to my two sweet little men!!!


So this is my Blake! What a cutie huh!!! Even with the bruise..
So lately he has become a master Lego builder. And that's all he 
Thinks about
Dreams about
Talks about
And Wakes UP about
 In the MIDDLE Of The NIGHT!!!
That's right he goes to bed with his Lego guy and his yellow steering wheel!!!!
And so last night he woke up so distressed and sad,  I ran in there trying to calm him down
and I kept asking him what hurts! what hurts Blakey!
And the only response other than hiccuping crying  was

This is my Master Builder!!! 
He was so proud of this Lego boat he built I just had to get pictures
its not much but he worked for at least 1 hour on this!!!
I'm so glad he's a creative child and can play on his own sometimes!!

Oh and YES he is wearing boxers under that boat!!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things about me!!

So here it goes 25 things about me!! I wasn't tagged but thought it would be fun to do it any ways, because sometimes you forget who you are and need to remind yourself. So here I go....

1. I'm the 4th oldest in a family of ten kids.
2. I have 2 little boys Conner and Blake.
3. I love to read a good book.
4. I love to listen to a good book(thanks to my new orange ipod nano)
5. love to travel
6. I've been to Mexico, the Dominican, and Vegas. All within this last year.
7. I'm crafty when I have time
8. I crochet
9. I sew
10. I love to shop (but who doesn't)    
11. I enjoy recovering and fixing up old furniture.
12. love to mix and match the old and the new in decorating my house.
13. Need to have at least have my eye liner on before leaving the house.
14. I think my husband is the best home builder AROUND.
15. loves a good romance novel.
16. love to cook 
17. I try to bake
18. LOVE  love love to DANCE
19. My husband and I have a mole in the exact same spot... Weird
20. wish I could be a super hero MOM
21. would love to learn how to draw (anything other than a stick person)
22. look forward to my sister party's.
23. I'm a pro Lego builder thanks to conner and blake (there Lego maniac's) 
24. Love my Jewelry. That's my one goal when I'm anywhere in the world 
I need to add to my collection.
25. And I love going to the library!!! yeah I'm a NERD..

So there you have it 25 random things about me and it took me awhile to write those random things down....crazy

So I tag anyone else out there that needs to figure out who they are again, because when your running your family and being a mom and everything else you tend to forget. 
So start remembering and start typing and have fun!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dominican

   The Dominican was so beautiful!!! 

We had such a wonderful time just the two of us. I just wanted to 
   share some of the awesome pics I took.
   The sand on the beach looked just like brown sugar!!! 

Me and Andy in our tour bus going to the private 
beach and horseback riding!!
The private beach!!! Amazing and so warm.
We can't wait till next year, when we take our boys with  us...
  All they can talk about is the beach!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009

Well It's a new year and I love to have a fresh start at life. And to achieve and work at new goals!  What's Better!!!
 So we had a great Christmas this year and we had so much fun in Edmonton at the rides, the water park and of course SHOPPING!!!!

There's nothing like writing your Will to fully appreciate everything your have!! 
This past week we have been busy getting ready to go to the Dominican for a vacation and we knew that we needed to finish our will, it was so hard for me to think that I might not see my boys again and was having a hard time with it. But I am so glad it's done and final and I feel like a huge a weight has been lifted!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!!