Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun with friends and First Day of school!

Waterton was so dang nice when my good friend Tina and her boys
came with us, we had a blast. This pic so doesn't so us justice, jks.
Ice cream of course!! But I wish I got a better picture
Cause these cute little guys had ice cream all over there face's.
And It was blue bubble gum yummy yum!! 
At the lake cooling off, we were just waiting for them to fall in....
That log was not steady at all.
They caught snail's and leeches so not a good idea.. 

Conner's First Day at Grade 1..

He loves it!! Thank goodness cause I don't know If I could get up that
early to a cranky little boy that doesn't want to go.

He just had to pose!! What a stud...