Thursday, November 13, 2008

MMMM Homemade Jam!!

So on Tuesday Rayanna, my Mom and Myself decided to make JAM!!! I know it's a little out of season but man is it TASTY!  Raspberry and Strawberry Oh My!!!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scary Moment!!!

So friday as I was getting ready for my big date with my hubby, and  I hear Blake start to cough and than gag I ran to see what was going on and he was choking he couldn't breath.... All I can say is thank goodness I had my first Aid!!! I tried the hymlick (yeah don't know how to spell.) maneuver and nothing happened, what ever he swallowed was not budging I tried it over and over again and finally TWO pennies came out!!!  

You just really never know when your life can get turned up side down!!!!
And all I can say is I'm so grateful for my boys. And for my instincts I'm sure if I even for a second faltered everything could have changed.

So for all of you mom's out there it's so worth getting your First Aid!!! It really can save someone you love!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Here I go....

8 Things I am passionate about...

 1. Blake
 2. Conner
 3. my Hubby
 4. my home
 5. being a mom 
 6. books
 7. Prayer
 8. friends

8 "words or phrase I say way to often

 1. I Love You!!
 2. where your mickey mouse!
 3. He's working!
 5. BLAKE!!!!
 6. you've got to be kidding me
 7. oh my gosh!!
 8. Seriously!

8 things I want to do before I die

 1. See my children grow up happy and healthy
 2. take my kids to Disney Land
 3. finish school and became a counsellor
 4. stay in one house longer than 5 years
 5. go to NYC.
 6. See Racheal Ray show!!
 7. Paris 
 8. Be the best mom ever

8 things I would love to see

 1. my house finished before summer 09.
 2. Twilight movie
 3. Hawaii Temple
 4. the Future
 5. NYC
 6. Tahiti
 7.  the Pyramid's
 8. Ellen

8 things I need or want

 1. Breaking Dawn ( I need the last book!!!!!)
 2. go to Toronto to see my girl friend
 4. a LEXUS ( yeah i know i'm crazy but it's my dream)
 5. my boys to sleep in there own bed
 6. A mexico trip with my Hubby!!!
 7. A dinning room table
 8. A stress free husband!!!( the joys of owning your own buisness)

People I Tag!!

 Kristyn Bevans
 Lindsay Bevans
 Erin Bishop

 Hope you all have a great one!!!