Sunday, August 23, 2009

Conner is 6....

Wow my little guy is SIX.. So crazy!!!!

So Conner wanted a Hot Wheels birthday cake for his birthday so I bought a cake pan and thought this was going to the simplest cake I ever made but lets just say that the cake had other ideas like not getting out of the pan...
So I improvised and this is what he got and he LOVED IT!!! 
Blake modeling the Army Cake.. 
On August 12 , 2003.. at 2:22 pm
my little Conner came into this world
It took him 14 hours, but he made it..
What a Cute kid!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Summer Stuff!!

So If U can't tell I got BRACES!! 
I know what a horrid Picture but I figure It only happens once so
take a picture and laugh about it later RIGHT!! 

So far we have had a fab Summer of Camping, Boating, and our HOUSE!!

Cardston Heritage Days Pet Show!! 
My boys took there Grandma Roe's or should I say Grandpa Roe's Poodle
 Molly the got 1st 2nd And two 3rd's.
There cousin Shaylee with her Hamster!! 
SO Cute....