Sunday, July 25, 2010

So I know I'm so behind in pictures and blogging so I hope to
in the next week or two get you all up to date on my life
So for all of you who stalk me (hehe).
here is update #1.

The boys at a birthday party mini golfing I just love the
pictures of them... It just so them Crazy Reckless Roes!!!

Here is conner's track and field.. Yes I now it's been like 2 months sorry..
But here he is.. He tried his best and he loves to play outside and run .
This is him long jumping.... I now he needs his feet together but he's learning right!!!
And living in this town where everyone it seems is so competitive with there kids, and there only in grade 1.
But he loved getting out there and having fun So I'm pretty dang proud of my little guy!!!
I'd also like to say thank-you for the last comments I got on the last post..
They where very helpful. So thank-you ladies you made my day!!!