Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things about me!!

So here it goes 25 things about me!! I wasn't tagged but thought it would be fun to do it any ways, because sometimes you forget who you are and need to remind yourself. So here I go....

1. I'm the 4th oldest in a family of ten kids.
2. I have 2 little boys Conner and Blake.
3. I love to read a good book.
4. I love to listen to a good book(thanks to my new orange ipod nano)
5. love to travel
6. I've been to Mexico, the Dominican, and Vegas. All within this last year.
7. I'm crafty when I have time
8. I crochet
9. I sew
10. I love to shop (but who doesn't)    
11. I enjoy recovering and fixing up old furniture.
12. love to mix and match the old and the new in decorating my house.
13. Need to have at least have my eye liner on before leaving the house.
14. I think my husband is the best home builder AROUND.
15. loves a good romance novel.
16. love to cook 
17. I try to bake
18. LOVE  love love to DANCE
19. My husband and I have a mole in the exact same spot... Weird
20. wish I could be a super hero MOM
21. would love to learn how to draw (anything other than a stick person)
22. look forward to my sister party's.
23. I'm a pro Lego builder thanks to conner and blake (there Lego maniac's) 
24. Love my Jewelry. That's my one goal when I'm anywhere in the world 
I need to add to my collection.
25. And I love going to the library!!! yeah I'm a NERD..

So there you have it 25 random things about me and it took me awhile to write those random things down....crazy

So I tag anyone else out there that needs to figure out who they are again, because when your running your family and being a mom and everything else you tend to forget. 
So start remembering and start typing and have fun!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dominican

   The Dominican was so beautiful!!! 

We had such a wonderful time just the two of us. I just wanted to 
   share some of the awesome pics I took.
   The sand on the beach looked just like brown sugar!!! 

Me and Andy in our tour bus going to the private 
beach and horseback riding!!
The private beach!!! Amazing and so warm.
We can't wait till next year, when we take our boys with  us...
  All they can talk about is the beach!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009

Well It's a new year and I love to have a fresh start at life. And to achieve and work at new goals!  What's Better!!!
 So we had a great Christmas this year and we had so much fun in Edmonton at the rides, the water park and of course SHOPPING!!!!

There's nothing like writing your Will to fully appreciate everything your have!! 
This past week we have been busy getting ready to go to the Dominican for a vacation and we knew that we needed to finish our will, it was so hard for me to think that I might not see my boys again and was having a hard time with it. But I am so glad it's done and final and I feel like a huge a weight has been lifted!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!!