Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Long time post and more to come.

For Easter we last minutely got a room at fantasy land.
Well lets just say got to our room and it was a smoking room!!!
Yea no way we were staying there. So they hooked us up with the best room in the place.
Yes you heard me right Andy and I stayed in the back of a truck and the kids in the cab.
the kids loved it.. us not to much, you had to climb a ladder to get in or out.
So I guess it wasn't to bad the kids didn't bug us they just shut the door
and played in the front.
Oh and did I mention the MIRROR'S everywhere ceiling and walls .
It was like a redneck honeymoon I never had.
Loved it!
(pics at bottom)

The kids on the rides. Blake loved the roller coaster.
And the bumper cars.
Conner on the other hand couldn't get enough of the rock wall.
he was on it non stop. and kicked its butt everytime.

Happy Easter!!!
(A little late I know but that's just me.)
I still have a post coming up about Blake's birthday.