Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blake's Birthday #3

My little man is 3.. He is getting so big!!!

We had a fun day a Grandma and Grandpa Roe's house
with family.

This is him in his new Diego Car.. 
He loved it but he was wondering where is the GO .. or the gas. 

His Reeder uncle's gave him this and the first thing he said was"oh oh Ah Ah!" Silly Monkey

I think he got a little spoiled but what do ya do.. He's only 3 once, or so I told Andy!!

I made this so fun Lego cake for him and he thought it was the best thing ever!!! Cause he LOVES LEGO>

He was so dang cute when we started singing happy Birthday, He was suddenly shy!! Crazy Boy.

That was my weekend and it was a busy one at that. I'm still painting and wishing it was over but soon so very soon then to the spa a go......

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Side Job!!

That's right I have been so cooped  up lately that I  had  to get a job and get out of the apartment and I'm now a working mom.

It's nothing serious just a side job, I've been doing the prep work and painting on a house Andy built and as painful as it is I LOVE IT!
Even if by the end of the day I'm a mess and my finger's are bleeding( from caulking  all the baseboards and casing) I still really like it.

I must be strange Right??

Well to all you full time or part time working moms you ROCK!!
It's hard to have to go to work all day and come home and you still need to be a mom and a wife. But by the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished so much more and I feel like a better mom for doing it. Does that make any sense?

And that's my life for right now. Nothing exciting but just a nice change 
for the month of April!  
Just an update on our new house there's a roof , windows and all it needs now is shingles.
It's coming but not very fast. 
And if Andy wasn't so dang busy this year things might move faster.
 But we are just happy that there's work.
And that Spring is around the corner I HOPE!!!