Monday, May 25, 2009

Well it's been a month and a lot has happened...

Andy is as busy as ever and I saw him maybe a few hours a day if that, But things have calmed down a bit and we got to get away for the long weekend and we took the boys to calgary for a few nights and we did the water slides and took them to the science museum so much fun for all of us to be together and just play.. the boys loved it. 

Soccer and baseball started so mondays are crazy busy, And I get to coach Conner team this year WHAT WAS I THINKING... It's fun but it makes a long day even longer and I know nothing about Soccer. so it's FUN..

And it was my Birthday and holy moly Im @*.. That's the slang for 28. 
So I'm older and still feel young so I figure I'm good to go till I feel old right??? 

And yes we are moving again this week, Were headed to my in-laws for awhile which is awesome they AC.. And there was no way I was living in this apartment during the summer with out it. Call me a princess but how can you live with out it.  

So hopefully our next move is into our new house!!! Cross your fingers.

 So I also have a beef with people (I'm not naming names) I really think they should really think before they say anything.. They know it's rude, soo hurtful and it makes the person feel so useless and especially when it was on a big day for them, but yet they do it anyways. Just so they can be funny,and so they can be the center of attention... What the #@$!  So I'm mad and what can you do???.. Just grin and bear it?? What do you think I should have done?

Sorry about that last part but sometimes you just have to get it out...