Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Don't a Need!!!

Well I'm sitting here in my new living room thinking I'm so grateful for everything that I have but yet I still need more or a think I do.... This might sound weird but everything cost's so much money and everything adds up...... And yet I still need or want. Like my camera i was going to post new pics of Conner's baseball and the house, but It seems like one of my little guys broke it.
So now since I don't have a job and I'm a stay at home mom I need need need or so my Husband tells me.... I need a new camera, sewing machine, family pictures developed and mounted (ouch)..

Well I could go on but I can't because I get sick thinking about it. It's all for me and Andy is the one working his butt off so I can have all of this. And I love him because he puts up with me and my NEEDs. And yet he has never NO so why do I feel so guilty about needing things for me???? And Asking for things for me?????
So any advice or words of wisdom from any of you fabulous Bloggers out there I'm Listening.
So I'm sorry about this crazy post and my ramblings if they make any sense to any one.


Karlene said...

i know how you feel, i go thru the same thing everyday haha....just like i need need need the new scrapbooking stuff out there i'm not the besst at advice, so when you get some pass it along :)

Crystal HW said...

What we do is I have an allowance every month that I can spend on whatever I want. I "earn" it by doing my housework. By looking at it like that, I do not feel guilty. If you sit and think about it, to hire someone to clean and cook costs money. You doing it means that you don't have to apy someone else to do it, so in a way , you do earn money too.

Does that help you out at all?

marisajbaines said...

here is my advice..... spend the money... it is going to get spent who are we kidding. just dont spend it on all of the inbetween crap. so when you want your family pics done you have the money and you dont feel bad spending it. ( family pics are totally worth the hundreds of dollars!)when i shop i alwasy ask myslef if i can live without it. if i can... i walk.. if i cant i buy. i try and buy quality, it is more expensive initially but will last you..then the hubby doesnt feel like he is buying a new sewing machine every year. good luck!...p.s now i really want a new camera and some canvases done,grrr