Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anniversary trip and Girls trip...

9 Years.... And I still love this guy!!!
He surprised me with a fun road trip, and I mean surprise
I just got home from my trip to Ontario just two days before
but we had such an awesome time together..

I really am the luckiest girl around!!!

I never did take very many pics of my trip to Ontario
but this one is of my girl friend Andrea I'm so glad I went to go and see her
and her new life..
I also went to Montreal and saw my other best est friend Candice
That I haven't seen in 2 years!! But I had such a great time with her and her family..
This Trip was kind of like my last her ah before I have my baby
and it was so worth it
to go see my best girl friends.. Love you guys!!!

So and other good news in my life is I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!!!
So excited I got them off like a year early..


Little Tiddy Family said...

I had no idea you were preggers again!!! thats so great hope all is well !! Take care!

LindsayB said...

what the preggo?! congrats! and yay for braces off early!